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The No Bread Lady?

“May I take your order?”
“Yes, I'd like a child's hamburger meal, with no bread, with juice, a grilled chicken meal, with water, and no bread with the grilled chicken, either.”
The way I order at our favorite restaurants, the waitpersons see me coming and must think, “Here comes the No Bread Lady!”

I have three children, one of which has Celiac Disease as part of his medical challenges.  James was three when he was diagnosed.  I was overwhelmed by the diet restrictions, as many of you are.  I was more concerned about finding ANY food he could eat, not so much how fun they would be.

To my chagrin, many of the gluten-free foods I could find my son would not eat.  He wanted foods like he had been used to.  He was especially sensitive to the texture of the foods as well as the taste.  As I began to convert his favorite foods to gluten-free foods, I encountered even more parents struggling with the "Kid Food" issues.  A few of them tried my recipes and told me that I should write a book, so I did.  "Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Foods For Kids" was born.

          One of the things I feel is important to the gluten-free diet is for children to re-learn how to enjoy the foods they see their peers eating.  Another important thing for children is to share ideas within a family meeting to discuss the top foods they wish you never ran out of and the least favorite foods they wish they never had to eat again.  Then parents can try to work in more of the foods they love and the less of the least favorite foods.  When children have some input to the foods in their diet, the more apt they are to voluntarily stick to the diet.